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AMIS is now inviting
Jetting OEM’s to…

... well... just collaborate, really.

The AMIS Collaboration Commitment


Let’s cast aside the marketing-speak; here’s a no-nonsense, old-school approach to real cooperation:

  • You're making a Jetting machine that does exactly what it’s meant for.

  • We're making the best fitting build preparation software for your device.


We’ll make the software together with you, without sending you the invoice. Yet we’re not a non-profit organization; we'll need your commitment, too, and we’d like to be your go-to market partner. You have better ideas? Cool, let’s discuss it!


Let’s face it: we both can’t do it alone.

Yet… why would you want to work with us?

  • You would like to have access to the next-level Build Preparation software, specifically designed for jetting technologies, by jetting printing experts, and tailored to your printer.

  • We have the means, the expertise and the resources. AMIS is well-funded, well-staffed and can rely upon the (human) resources available within Hybrid Software, the AMIS parent company.

  • Industrial software isn’t just about making a program. It’s about long-term support, maintenance and upgrades. We know.

  • We do what we’re best at, and we’re smart enough not to aim at doing everything. That’s why our software is conceived API-based: we ‘ll let the end-user decide what other software to integrate with – simulation, CAD, post-process, ERP, etc.


…And why would we want to work with you?

  • You love doing what you’re best at: inventing, developing, creating and selling a great machine.

  • You aim higher. You don’t want to create "just another jetting machine”.

  • Just like us, you put the customer first.

Interested? Contact us to discuss our cooperation! 

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