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Succeed with AM?

Tailored advice & consultancy by AMIS

Helping your company succeed with AM

Implementing Additive Manufacturing in your company is not an easy feat, nor is it a decision to make without proper assessment & analysis. If not carefully evaluated, “buying a printer” (or even just outsourcing 3D-printing) can easily become a liability rather than an asset. As with each serious investment, your entrepreneurial mindset tells you to evaluate the options first.

Some vital questions to ask before embarking on an AM-journey include:

  • Technological relevance: is Additive Manufacturing actually useful and applicable for my company, sector and products? 

  • Technological analysis: what technology can be used for which application, or in which setting?

  • Peer learning: who’s done it before, and what have been the results and  implications? 

  • Financial analysis, impact and implications: what are the real costs, and the real potential benefits?

  • Risk assessment: what are the implications on (product) safety?

  • implications of implementation: how to start with AM in my company?

The AMIS team has several years of experience advising OEMs and TIER-1 & 2 suppliers, in multiple sectors (Machine & car manufacturing, Food, Oil & Chemical, etc…), on all types of Additive Manufacturing technologies.

AMIS is independent and technology-agnostic. A global AM-network helps us to source additional expertise and solution providers, if needed.

A typical assessment cycle includes:

  • Intake: Approximately 2,5 hours: delineation of goals and scope of the project (preferably on-site, including a brief site visit). Evaluation of company, processes and products. (Travel cost and fee deductible from consultancy fee up to € 750).

  • Detailed quotation

  • In-depth assessment, including company visit(s) (approximately 0,5 days – 1 week, depending on scope and size), meetings with key personnel

  • Evaluation of options, desktop research and (anonymous) consultations with potential suppliers, if applicable

  • Draft Breakthrough Guide: Analysis & options for planning & implementation.

  • Draft Breakthrough Guide presentation: feedback session(approx. 2-hour meeting)

  • Final Breakthrough Guide

  • Breakthrough Guide presentation (Optional).


Why does AMIS also focus on consultancy?

We are convinced that Additive Manufacturing is no one-size-fits-all technology. With over 30 different AM-technologies currently available, our software won’t be – and isn’t intended to be - a solution for all AM-users or technologies. However, understanding the needs of end-users also helps us to make better software. Besides, AMIS wants to contribute to a healthy growth of the use of Additive Manufacturing, by sharing its expertise.

Interested? Contact us to start your AM journey, risk-free. 

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