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The professional editor for jetting systems. Post-cad and up to print - including print and batch preparation.

Our software is specifically aimed at binder jetting technologies, given our expertise on jetting-related challenges, such as rasterization, drop formation and high-speed ripping. Some of our solutions are patented. AMIS Pro includes:

  • Voxel-based, optimized nesting

  • Batch Labeling

  • Optimized layer smoothing binder algorithm

  • Optimized Shell-Grid-Core function

  • Multiple Binders & Materials

  • Part, batch, order and supplies management

  • 3D Asset Library

  • Device Status & Statistics

  • 3rd Party interfacing for Simulation, Anti-counterfeit / part authentication,…


*: currently v1 available, yet so much more valuable if we finalize the product together with you.

AM Breakthrough Services

Helping your company succeed with AM.

Implementing Additive Manufacturing in your company is not an easy feat, nor is it a decision to make without proper assessment & analysis. If not carefully evaluated, “buying a printer” (or even just outsourcing 3D-printing) can easily become a liability rather than an asset. As with each serious investment, your entrepreneurial mindset tells you to evaluate the options first.

That's why you might benefit from the independent and technology-agnostic advice by AMIS. Read more on this service on the dedicated page!


AMIS is your partner for Hardware and Software in the AM binder jetting sphere. AMIS offers key technologies in the form of software libraries, with specific added value related to jetting, e.g.:

  • Slicing

  • Nesting

  • Device interaction

  • Shell-Grid-Core functionalities


HYBRID - a proven approach

Hybrid Software Logo

Software and electronics of the HYBRID Software Group are driving all major industrial 2D-printing systems, and some of the most well-known Additive Manufacturing Binder and Material Jetting machines. HYBRID Software solutions also build upon the decades-long expertise of sister company Meteor Inkjet’s patents and solutions for Additive Manufacturing. 

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