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AMIS Pro Public Beta

The first step to a true collaboration? 
We look foward to hearing from you!

Request AMIS Pro v1: Public Beta now!

Read the full Press Release

Release Software before it's 100% ready? Sure!

This allows you to guide the development process, making sure it'll do exactly what you need it to. And it allows us to make better software, for you.

Fill out the form below and, if selected, you will receive 60-day free access to AMIS Pro v1. The only thing we ask in return, is that we can contact you after a while, to evaluate your experience.  

We're developing at high speed now, so get on board timely!

What to expect? 

AMIS is the Build Preparation Software for Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies.

AMIS Pro v1 Public Beta is: 

  • A workflow-based editor for Mac & Windows providing access to /use of the technology

  • Post-cad and pre-print - including print and batch preparation.

Currently, AMIS Pro v1 offers the following features: 

  • Set / adjust printer settings

  • Part and batch visualization

  • Add and multiply parts

  • Part scaling and rotation

  • Nesting (v1)

  • Slicing (v1)

  • Meteor Inkjet MetPrint ready

  • etc.

Another 30+ features (and yours?) are awaiting implementation. Your feedback will shape this roadmap.

Fill out the form & receive your AMIS Pro v1

AMIS is ready to support you

Take a look at our dedicated support page or directly access our manual or support portal.

For more details, check our Press Release on the AMIS Pro V1: Public Beta release. ​

AMIS reserves the right to grant downloads to specific parties (only).

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Thanks for your interest in AMIS Pro! We will be in touch shortly for your download.

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