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You are the 2 main reasons why we’re attending Technishow 2024

AM Advice or Software for jetting? You're most welcome!

Yes, AMIS is at Technishow 2024 – now ’s the time to get your ticket and you’ll find us at the AM-SQUARE in Utrecht (NL) from March 12 to 15.

So, why are we attending the Benelux Biggest Manufacturing Fair?

  • We want to know you

Perhaps you’re considering to start applying Additive Manufacturing in your organization, or thinking to expand on AM. While investigating your options, you realize there are over 30 technologies to choose from. Each of those have their own pre- and postprocessing requirements. Perhaps you attended our overview presentation at the fair and learned that Additive Manufacturing isn’t applicable to all parts or assemblies; that you’ll need to build up some internal expertise; etcetera.

So… is it all worth it?

As René Descartes, William James and/or Jean-Paul Sartre famously said: not choosing is still choosing. So, at the very least, it’s worth making an informed choice. And that’s where AMIS can help. We offer a specific Breakthrough Service assisting companies on their route towards the (possible) successful implementation of AM.

  • We want to know you

Are you already using Additive Manufacturing – and jetting technologies in particular? Well, we’re building software for that technology. And no, our aim when attending Technishow is not for you to become our next customer. Rather: you can tell us what’s really needed for such software.

Where are the hiccups, what could be a smarter workflow, what would help you to smoothen and speed up your process? Better nesting? Fewer useless clicks? Smart automation of build preparation steps? We are craving for your feedback on our first attempts to make better software for you.

In both cases: feel free to drop by and have that coffee, and tell us how we can assist. We’ll be glad to share our expertise. In both cases, there’s something in it for you.


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