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AMIS Pro v1  available now! 

Get your copy of
... and take the next steps together with us!   

Software fitting your AM Jetting Hardware

AMIS provides binder or material jetting printer producers and users with an exceptional tool to prepare and execute their prints. AMIS software was specifically developed for Jetting-based Additive Manufacturing, relying on decades of experience in software for Jetting Technologies. This makes AMIS uniquely positioned to work with you to build your next-level Software.

Contact AMIS for:

AMIS pro is the professional editor for industrial jetting systems and brings you a full Build Preparation Suite, and improved connectiv...

Implementing Additive Manufacturing in your company is not an easy feat... AMIS Breakthrough Services will help you getting started!

Integrable solutions for optimized binder use, improved nesting, Quality Inspection, authentication: tell us how we can help you...

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Let's get AM hard- & software truly connected

Your Binder or Material Jetting System deserves a software solution that remains continuously up-to-date and supported. And you need your software to be upgraded as new opportunities emerge – through (incremental) system improvements or through additional intel from prior batches.

That’s where AMIS comes in: AMIS is proudly part of the Hybrid Software Group, bringing 30 years of expertise in the industrialization of printing software.  With 300 experts in software for printing, HYBRID is the preferred end-to-end software solutions provider for Jetting systems. HYBRID Software helps thousands of customers surpass their goals in all areas of prepress and print by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and speeding up turnaround times.

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Why work with us?

​Yes, you'll need all of these:

  • Improved reliability, repeatability and quality of your process;

  • Reduced Cost Per Part;

  • OPC compliance for improved connectivity with up -and downstream processes;

  • Increased uptime a.o. through improved QI;

  • Save time on file preparation and production;

  • Reduce binder use while maintaining strong green parts;

  • Reduce postprocessing costs (binder removal, sintering, …);

  • ...


We know how.

Moreover, you also want to rely on expertise - in jetting, as well as in maintaining & upgrading industrial software for a global customer base.

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