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AM Advice, anyone?

[Press Release]

AMIS announces new “Breakthrough Services” consultancy offering to help companies achieve success in implementing Additive Manufacturing in their production processes.


Early 2024, HYBRID Software has rebranded its Additive Manufacturing (AM) business unit to “AMIS”. AMIS develops and markets Production Software for Jetting Technologies, in collaboration with printer manufacturers. To support companies with the decision-making on and implementation of AM, the company is now introducing its new “Breakthrough Services”.


Kris Binon, Managing Director at AMIS, clarifies the rationale behind this offering: “with our software, we have a clear objective of adding value for the users of jetting technologies. This requires expert input from several perspectives. From our side, we know about developing and supporting jetting production software: HYBRID Software has decades of experience hereon. Secondly, we count on the printer manufacturers to bring their hardware expertise to the table when co-developing solutions. And last but not least, we want to bring in a sharp understanding of the challenges and requirements of the end-users.”

For companies looking to implement or expand their use of AM, AMIS offers a service to qualify the needs, evaluate the relevance and provide advice on technologies, software & hardware. “Similarly, we want to assist OEM printer manufacturers in getting their devices to market quicker and in line with the end-users requirements, by evaluating and collaborating on the right software, technologies and tools”, Binon continues.


“This dual approach – bottom-up and top-down through the value chain – fits our strategy to put user value first. In brief: understanding the needs of the end-users helps us making better software.”, adds Nick De Roeck, CEO of AMIS. “Kris has provided consultancy on Additive Manufacturing for three quarters of a decade, and he has a global network – so he’s the go-to for this kind of job.”


AMIS guarantees independent and technology-agnostic advice – in Binons words: “it would be absurd promote jetting technologies to a company that actually needs FDM. We’d end up with an unhappy consultancy customer, and an unhappy software user at the same time.” 


Even though Additive Manufacturing has been around for decades, the need for guidance on successfully applying the technology, remains paramount. The broad range of available technologies, and the relative complexity thereof, lies at the origin of this need. The 3D-print community has its share of disappointed users – for instance after setting off with an AM-technology that was not matching the actual applications. AMIS also hopes to contribute to filling this knowledge gap by offering its “breakthrough services”.


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