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There’s only one way: the users’ way


Yes, we consider ourselves a start-up, here at AMIS – even though most team members have over 25 years experience in software development for jetting technologies. And some team members even have over 25 years experience getting start-ups off the ground. The advantage of experience can be debated, but at least it engraved this one golden rule: make software for its users.

That sounds all too obvious, yet it requires a comprehensive approach, right from the start.

That’s why AMIS has taken some months to prepare the trajectory – in consultation with multiple AM experts. And now, as development is underway, we’re taking every opportunity to test and evaluate our first results.

…and on an upward slope

On one hand, we’re visiting the end-users to understand their needs, and see where and how we can improve workflows. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were welcomed at Print Service 3iD to study and discuss their workflow – and 3iD wasn’t the only or last one.

At the same time, the first demo sessions have been and are being planned with some interested (and interesting) Jetting Printer OEMs. Names will be disclosed in due course…

From all these conversations, we know we’re onto something – and our user-centric approach is just one reason. Just as well, we have noticed that many jetting-related value-adding features are craving to be copied from 2D-printing to 3D-printing. And last but not least: providing software maintenance, upgrades and support is a specialty as well – and one that many users and OEMs don’t prefer “wasting” time on.

Join the journey?

So… this train rumbles along, and new passengers are still welcome to jump on. Do you want to be part of the journey? Contact us to test our software!


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