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Why does the AMIS PRO Software focus on Jetting?

… and what is AMIS anyway?

There are no coincidences... but rather a few good reasons why AMIS has chosen to focus on jetting technology, with a Workflow-based solution.

Of course, we wanted to start from our own expertise and background - AMIS is offspring of the HYBRID Software pedigree - over 250 software & jetting experts with decades of experience. Yet the choice for jetting is, at the same time, based on our values:

  • Excellence: we want to be the best at what we do and we’ll only do what we’re good at. Jetting technologies find their origin in 2D-printing – an industry HYBRID Software has been successful in for decades. Yet we’ll be happy to recognize the excellence in others and come to combined solutions when appropriate.

  • Customer First: our customer is our biggest asset. We start off by investigating your main considerations when evaluating (new) software for AM and consider the job done only when you do.

  • Value-Adding: as we see the customer as our biggest asset, it makes sense to develop solutions with the intention to facilitate our customers’ success.

  • Integrity: as we aim at long-term collaboration, we’re committed to transparency, accountability and integrity – trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback.

  • Innovativeness: We have set up this venture with a number of specific goals in mind, responding to the users’ biggest challenges. We are devoted to researching and developing novel solutions for these challenges. And, as AM keeps on evolving, we’ll continue doing so.

And what about the AMIS brand?

It’s probably clear what the ‘AM’ in AMIS stands for. The ‘S’ is for Software, Solution, Support and Service. And the ‘I’? That’s Integrator, Intelligent, Innovative,… “I” couldn’t choose, let’s say. :)

Doing anything with Jetting Technology? Contact us to start your journey - we look forward to working with you!



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