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Proud to Launch

AMIS Pro is launched today!


You may’ve noticed the change on our homepage: AMIS Pro v1 is ready for download now - the first jetting-dedicated build preparation software.


The previously launched beta-version generated considerably more interest than anticipated. This resulted in quite some relevant feedback – most of which we already integrated into the now-released v1.


The good news? We’re at the point where it becomes necessary to adjust the software to specific machines (your machine?) and use cases. So, this may indeed be the right time to explore a cooperation. We’re ready to engage with users and OEMs alike!


What’s in it for you? 

Good question! Basically:

  • A crew of experts on jetting software development at your disposal;

  • A user-oriented piece of software that is tweaked to your application, and comes with maintenance, support and upgrades;

  • An internal start-up, backed by a global company with over 300 employees with decades of experience in software for jetting applications and

  • We know the market (needs), the machines, and the way they talk to one another…


Interested? We’re looking forward to sitting down and discussing your needs. Let's see how to come to a mutually beneficial way forward.


AMIS Pro: now open for your business!


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